Arne Svensson

Arne Svensson President, has more than 33 years of experience in Public Sector Reform and Public Management Reform. As a management consultant he has been responsible for development of central and local government, creating new structures within the public sector and top-executives training for executives and politicians. Another key issue is strategies for public-private partnerships. He has personally served as consultant for more than 300 public and private organisations, including United Nations, the European Commission and Governments around the world

Barbro Svensson, Manager, has worked for the company since 1986. She is responsible for the administration.

Barbro Svensson
Lina Lenefors

Lina Lenefors
has been working for the company since 1998, mainly on evaluations and assessments. 

Mattias Svensson has been working for the company as management consultant, mainly with development project for private and public organisations.

Mattias Svensson

Björn Svensson


Björn Svensson is responsible for the company’s information technology, including installation and maintaining of the companies network and computers.

In addition to our employed consultants, we regularly use the services of an extensive expertise network, which includes professionals with long experience and leading positions in public and private organisations.

- Ms Stina Wærn
- Ms Gudrun Westerberg
- Dr Tony Bennet
- Dr Sören Häggroth 
- Dr Allan Rosenbaum
- Ms Christina Rodreiquez-Acosta
- Dr Gunilla Björklund
- Mr Guido Bertucci
- Prof. Mohamed Salih
- Mr Stefan Sjölander
- Mr Mikael Jönsson
- Mr Sixten Björklund
- Mr Anders Pettersson
- Ms Madeleine Elmqvist
- Mr Erik Näslund
- Dr Anwar Sanusi
- Prof. Agus Dwiyanto
- Prof. Joseph Ayee
- Prof. Polya Katsamunska
- Mr Johan Karlbom
- Mr Fredrik Roeck Hansen
- Mr Lars Dahlström
- Mr Kevin Mughes